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The Band Presents


The Band Presents // TBP is a Melbourne based performance group feat. Makiko Yamamoto, Sam George, Eric Demetriou, Camila Galaz and Travis John. 

We make up and we break up over and over....

2018    MEL&NYC, Next Wave, Brunswick Mechanics Institute

2018    MIUC Birthday Performance, Bar Open, Melbourne

2017    Un. Magazine launch, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2017    Remedy, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
2017    Bus Projects fundraiser, Melbourne
2017    Overground, Supersense Festival, Arts Centre Melbourne
2017    The Elvis Comeback Show, HEY! Hey it’s Saturday Night LIVE;                            with Suspicious Minds, TCB inc, 
2017    Love me tenga, curated by Emma Hall, Melbourne

2016    Autotune Everything, Liquid Architecture and Melbourne Art Foundation,              Melbourne


TBP⚡HQ was a gallery, studio and performance space in The District Docklands Shopping Centre. 

2017 ~ 2018

Eric Demetriou & Herbert Jercher

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Herbert Jercher is a multi-discilpined artist working as a Guitarist, Composer, Performance Artist, Sound Sculptor and Educator. He his also a dear friend and generous collaborator.

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Eric Demetriou & Travis John




Eric Demetriou & Con Kalamaris

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